Weight Loss Rewards

When you’re trying to make a lifestyle change for weight loss or even for overall health, it’s difficult to keep going even when you have a powerful why or reason. But, on a day to day basis when you’re in the thick of it all, rewarding yourself in simple ways for small accomplishments can go a long way.

Why? It’s all about dopamine. Dopamine spikes in your brain when something important is about to happen and gives you a surge of pleasure as you accomplish the task. This in turn increases motivation and productivity. Use this piece of science to your advantage by giving yourself small rewards along the way to a bigger goal. Your brain latches on to the physical evidence that your workout or healthy eating habits are worth it, and increases your chances at making the routine a habit.

For my weight loss journey, I’ve chosen to reward each new “decade” as I hit them.  So far I’ve had three rewards (30lbs lost).

My first decade reward (10lbs) came as a gift from my sweet husband.  It’s been key to helping me move more and add exercise to my daily routine.  I had no idea how much I’d love my iWatch.


My second decade reward (20lbs) is my jade infrared therapy mat!  Y’all.  I really love it.  Did you see my blog post about it?

My third decade reward (30lbs) is my leopard print Rothy’s.  They are soooo much fun to wear and very comfortable too.  They have different styles but I’m partial to the loafers.  I love that Rothy’s turns recycled, single-use plastics into something both beautiful and useful.  Who knew that water bottles from landfills would make such cute shoes?  They give me a discount for friends.


I’m having fun getting creative and anticipating my next reward. What do you think I should choose for my 4th decade reward (40lbs)?  There’s so many fun options and the rewards can be something I’ve been wanting to splurge on anyway or something super inexpensive or even something free.  As long as I’m having fun and enjoying the rewards, the options are unlimited.

And y’all, the reward thing is really working!  Because each time I look at my watch, use my mat, or wear my shoes, I’m reminded of how far I’ve come!  It encourages me to keep going all the way to my big goal!

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