Homeschool Lessons

I knew in my heart that we would homeschool our children even when our first baby was two months old (over twenty years ago). I remember mentioning to people that we might homeschool and they’d get all cross eyed, they’d start stammering and talking about GED’s. When my oldest daughter was turning five and my [...]

Finding = Losing

Often times in life we find ourselves in difficult situations. Enduring great grief or stress. Our tendencies are to withdraw. Our tendencies are to isolate ourselves because we just don't feel like doing the things we've done. We just don't feel like participating in the things we've been a part of. We're hurting. We feel [...]

Do It Scared

Have you ever done something you was terrified to do or maybe you are in the process of working up your nerve to do something scared? Fear. That’s what holds us back from the lives we’re meant to live. That’s what prevents us from finally going pro with our dreams. We are all waiting to [...]