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Creating a Names List

Here are some starter categories we suggest to use as resources for brainstorming your Names List:

1. Family
2. High School
3. College
4. Past Coworkers
5. Current Work
6. Wedding List
7. Cell Phone Contacts
8. Neighborhood
9. Clubs/Organization
10. Sports
11. Church
12. Professional Associations
13. Location (Who do you know in NY, LA, Dallas, etc.)
14. Vocation (Who do you know is a doctor, lawyer, dentist, etc.)

As you fill out this list, it is possible to average at least 50 names per category. For example, your alumni directory likely includes 10,000 names, your Home Owners Association probably has hundreds of names, and your extended family will easily branch into more hundreds of names. Don’t forget to include the extended family of each person on your family list, and their extended family, and so on.

When you have a lot of people to talk to about your business, you have more confidence and more posture. You gain control over your business and your future. Knowing that your success doesn’t rest with just one, two, or a dozen people gives you an incredible edge. When you have an abundance of people to share your business with, you’ll have incredible posture with people, knowing you don’t need them; THEY NEED YOU! You never want a personal contact to say to you, “Why didn’t you ever tell me about this?”

20 Reasons

Our wedding day was amazing. I’ll never forget that moment when the doors opened, our eyes met, my dad walked me down the aisle, and placed my hand in his. That was a happy day. But not the happiest day of our lives together. Not even close. There’s the birth of our six children. Definitely cherished and blessed days. But when was the happiest day? There’s been so many… All of it, I have loved all of it. And it officially began on the day the doors opened… 20 years ago. weddingday

20.  He loves to laugh and to make me laugh.

19. But even when I’m grouchy, he still likes me.

18. He is my “things that go bump in the night” investigator.

17.  His glass is always half full.

16. When he isn’t buckling babies in car seats, he opens my car door.

15. He drives. I don’t have to.

14. He likes to hold my hand while he’s driving.

13.  He is always up for an adventure.

12.  He is my travel agent.  All I have to do is pack my bag.

11. He paints/builds/moves stuff at my beck and call.

10. He is the resident stir-fry maker.

9. His eyes.

8. He buys me cards and writes me love notes.

7. He works hard to provide for his family.

6. He lives it at home first and preaches it at church second.

5. He believes in me.  Sometimes more than I believe in me.

4. When life is hard, he doesn’t give up or run away.

3. His dad skills.

2. He is my spider slayer.

1. He is still the one I kiss good night.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Trent!  You’ll always be the one.

It’s Who We Are

I love being a mom. It’s just who I am. It’s just who you are.  Whether a mom by birth, by adoption, or spiritually – it’s who we are.  Some of us will mother a tribe, a community, generations, neighborhoods… We mother those placed in our care.

If I could speak into the lives of all young ladies I’d say, the Lord has a plan for your life.  The enemy will try to deceive you.  The enemy wants to give you a counterfeit plan.  The enemy wants you to settle.  Don’t be deceived.  God doesn’t do things half way.  He doesn’t give you a half way future.  He gives you the total package.  Purpose in your heart today to not settle for anything less than the total package.

I have friends who are aching to be mothers.  I want you to know that we feel your longing.  We long with you and we desire to bear your burden to the Lord.  We desire to pray over you and ask that the Lord open your womb.  We have the faith for this.  You have the faith for this.  We ask right now that the Lord raise up intercessors all over the world to pray for you.

My friends with small children, God is with you.  Each day that you face another day of too much to do – God is with you.  You are never alone.  He is your rest, your peace, he will see you through this season.  And someday not so long from now, you will remember these days with joy and even longing to return to them.  We pray that you feel his presence, his rest, his peace, and his joy each day!

My friends with grown children, be at peace.  God carries your children in the palm of his hand.  You don’t have to be the fixer, just be the pray-er.  Bear the burden of prayer.  Lean heavily upon the Lord to lead and guide.  Exercise your authority as the prayer warrior of your family.

My friends and family that are mommas of spiritual children, the privilege of carrying a soul is always yours. Your heart is always open and welcoming another person to find nourishment and comfort.  You are an influencer.  You pour into the lives of others.

Happy Mother’s Day weekend, sweet friends!  My gift (prayer) for you:

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Phil 4:6-7

Picture Perfect


I had the privilege Sunday to share these photos, and a laugh, with our church. Our family loves to have fun, but our point behind this is that we want everyone to see what a real family looks like prior to and after the two seconds we were able to muster up to get everyone to look and smile for the “perfect picture”.


Today, God sees the real you. He sees the not so perfect you. He sees your issues, your pain, your dreams, your good, your bad, he even sees things you don’t see. The true miracle is that he sees the real you and still loves you. Our family is far from perfect, but what fun would it be if we were? Our imperfections reveal how great God’s love truly is for our family and also provides opportunities that allow our love for each other to grow.

So here’s to all the imperfect families today. May God’s overwhelming love reveal itself in every area of your family’s life.

– Brian

Not the Only One

We are dreamers.  We had a dream to be Diamonds with our essential oil company.  On the last day of the year (12/31/15) we realized that dream!  Yesterday (2/24/16) we got to walk across the stage in front of a few thousand of our friends and celebrate our dream come true!  It was amazing!

Here’s the thing, I know we aren’t the only ones!  There are other dreamers out there.  Whether you have a dream or are in need of a new one, we want to help you!  We want to provide support through ongoing encouragement, coaching, inspiration and, most importantly, accountability. We are finding new partners, friends, and fellow dreamers.


Why join us?  During tough times or days when there is no evidence that your dream is possible, much less a good idea, it is essential to have a place to turn for encouragement.  We are committed to offering that accountability  and being there to spur you on.  Don’t be overcome by doubters and dream killers (internally and externally)!  We can help you remember and reclaim your belief in yourself and your dreams.

What would you do if you believed in yourself? What might you change if you believed in your dreams? And how would you alter your life if you knew people would stand by and help you to achieve your heart’s desire?

It’s time to believe in yourself.  

The only thing you have to lose is your dream.  Let’s talk!

Stirring the Nest

Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

When a mother eagle starts building her nest, she begins by using items we’d never expect — sharp thorns, broken branches, rocks. Later, she places a layer of  feathers and fur, making it soft and comfortable for her eggs. Her eggs eventually hatch and her little ones grow to flying age.  Mom begins “stirring up the nest.”  She pulls up the soft fur and feathers, bringing the sharp rocks and branches to the surface. As more of the bedding gets plucked, the nest becomes uncomfortable for the young eagles. Eventually, the little eagles have to leave their nest to move on to bigger and better things like learning to fly and making nests of their own.

Sometimes we are guilty of getting too comfortable in our “nests”.  Let’s not be bitter at the Lord for plucking at our comfort zones. He wants us to be all that we can be! He wants us to reach our fullest potential.  We can experience the amazing sensation of flying, even soaring, high above our problems and whatever other distractions hold us back from growing up in Him.

God is King of kings and Lord of lords. His will is always best.   Today, lay your personal agendas before the Lord, submit yourself to him without reservation.

Crazy Stuff

I’ve found in my own life and in the lives of others that when we make a decision to step out and do something big, REALLY big – it all goes CRAAAAA-ZY.  Have you been there?

It’s like everything gets wonky. Stuff tears up.  We lose things.  The most mundane tasks became extremely difficult.  It’s pretty much a guarantee that if we make a BIG spiritual decision the lawn mower’s life is over.  It will never start again.

I read an article about how this family made a decision to sell their house so they could adopt a child.  I was all like, “Wow!  That’s so beautiful.”

People. Their. Ceiling. Fell.  In.

Today, if you are suffering wacky nut-so stuff after making a major decision, I want to encourage you.  Don’t give up.  Persevere.  You are under attack.

And remember, “I know the LORD is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.” Psalm 16:8