Meet Our Tribe

Over 15 years ago we decided that there had to be more to life than just paying bills.  We decided that if we wanted to live life fully, we had to live life intentionally.  We made a plan to design a life we love and wrote it down in a dollar store notebook.  We dove in head first and didn’t look back.  Living intentionally has taken our life from normal to amazing.  We homeschool our kids, we pastor a church, we’re debt free, we’ve built a multi-million dollar business, we road trip all over the US, we support mission work in several countries overseas, we have passports and we are using them, we’ve welcomed two sons-in-law and grandbabies into our family, and we’re still writing in that notebook.

We want to squeeze every single happy drop out of life that we possibly can. And now, we hope that as you come along on our journey, you’ll not only learn some great tips and tricks for intentional living, you’ll be inspired to design a life you love!