Top Five Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss the Watermelon Festival

This year’s festival is kicking off June 20, 2022 with a full week of fun on the itinerary.  The Watermelon Festival is truly an invaluable contribution to our community.  I want to give you my top five reasons you need to do all the festival things! 1. Festivals are a great way to create community. … Continue reading Top Five Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss the Watermelon Festival

A Fresh Start

The Secondhand Store that Helps Heal Hearts Estill local, Sheila Roemeling has always had a heart for helping others in her community. Through nonprofit organization, Fresh Start Healing Heart, she compassionately walks beside survivors of human trafficking, providing safe housing, immediate needs, and restorative services for emotional, spiritual, physical, educational, and financial healing.  Sheila had … Continue reading A Fresh Start

January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

How can we help?  What can we do?  Is Human Trafficking even a problem in the Lowcountry? A few years ago, I sat in a circle of multigenerational ladies from every background and all circles of life sharing concerns for a young girl in my life who had been sexually assaulted.  I will never forget … Continue reading January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Festive Family Activities

To Make the Season Bright Memories of my Appalachian childhood Christmases play in my mind like vivid snapshots.  Singing “Jingle Bells” with cousins.  Searching the sky for “Rudolph’s nose” or signs of Santa’s sleigh.  The children’s nativity plays in our crowded country church. Bluegrass Christmas music with some of the best pickers you ever heard.  … Continue reading Festive Family Activities

Live The Cozy “Hygge” Life

Turn Your Home into a Sanctuary This Fall and Winter The sun is setting earlier, and time change is quickly approaching (November 7, 2021).  It can be challenging as we transition our bodies and moods into a new season.  Some of us find ourselves missing the sunshine and even battling Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  Did … Continue reading Live The Cozy “Hygge” Life