Just Be Real

Hey, friend.  Can we talk?  Heart to heart?  If there’s one thing that makes me soooo sad, it’s watching us pretend.  We pretend everything is great, when it’s really not.  We pretend we have everything all together all the time when behind the scenes, we are about to lose “it”.

In this space, in this moment, let’s lay down pretenses and just be real.  You see, when I show up in your life, I just want to know the real you.  Not the Instagram you.  Not the snapchat filter you.  YOU.


You don’t have to impress me.  I’m not judging you.  I’m just over here wishing “they” weren’t judging me.  Your house is good enough.  You are good enough.  You are enough.  You don’t have to keep your heart locked up tight.  You don’t have to hide behind your job or busy-ness or accomplishments or anything else that seems important.

If we open our hearts and show up authentically, it’s a game changer.  When pretenses fall away, we can find ourselves with relationships rather than acquaintances.  Relationships have depth.

Will you invite others into your life?  Will you see others through eyes of mercy rather than judgement?   Mercy is a beautiful gift.

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