Intentional Summer

When we start replacing distractions with things we love, that’s when we start living with intention.

We’ve talked summer bucket lists and summer reading lists.  Let’s get every bit of goodness out of this summer that we can!

The sense that summer slips through our fingers is real.  We’ve got to be intentional if we are gonna maximize our summer pleasure.  We can make ordinary evenings and weekends more memorable.  Go for night swims, sit by the fire pit, make s’mores, spit watermelon seeds, go for walks, take a bike ride, make a summer play list, family game night, do service projects for neighbors or your community…

The three essential elements for memorable activities –

  1. Changes things up from the normal.
  2. Connects us with people we care about.
  3.  We relax and savor the experience.

If it’s simple, if it’s meaningful, if it’s fun… it will be memorable.

You know all the things you’ve always wanted to do?  You should do them!  But you won’t unless you make a plan and be intentional.  Let’s chat about it!  Check out our fb live!

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