The Best You

What is the best version of yourself?  How can you get that you back?

Over the years of having six babies, getting college degrees, building a home business, working in the ministry… we’ve found ourselves burning the candles at both ends.  At times we found ourselves by some miracle thriving even during the hectic.  We were living from a place of love and service.  At times we found ourselves in a bad way of just surviving.  We were living from a place of stress and discontentment.

We’ve simplified our lives and intentionally filled them with things that bring us healing and light.  We live from His fullness and abundance.

You might find yourself in a bad spot right now.  There’s no shame in that.  We’ve all been there.  We find a million ways to “fix us”.  We numb.  We distract.  We pretend.

But the world needs you.  The you that is playful and lighthearted.  That you that is passionate and purposeful.  The you that is authentic.  The you who nurtures and loves.  That’s the you the world needs.  That’s the you you need.  That’s the you God created.

So if you are lost today, if you are tired of hiding and pretending, if you are exhausted… God is calling you.

Talk to him.  Dive into his word.  He’s got the healing you need.  The refreshment you desire is in him.


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