Four Essential Oil Myths

If you’ve been intrigued or skeptical or at least a little curious about essential oils but found all the conflicting information out there confusing and just need someone to tell you the truth, I’m writing this just for you.

Let me guess…

Though skeptical, you went so far as to pick a few oils up at the grocery store or from a friend only to be a unimpressed by their lackluster results.

Or. You have wondered if there’s really anything to the crazy success stories you sometimes see on the internet.

Or. Someone on Facebook drives you crazy with their constant sales pitches and even if you wanted to, it makes you NOT want to try them.

Or. You’re pretty sure this is just a passing fad and you don’t want to fall for something expensive and/or pointless only to find out there’s was nothing substantial to it.

So let me break it down for you.  Let me cut through all the buzz and take you straight to the point.

Myth #1: You need to have some sort of specialized training to use oils.

Well, let me assure that this is just not true.  Oils are designed by God for our benefit. Just like he made food for us. And we don’t need specialized training in food. We just need to eat the food He made. When we don’t eat what He made for us, we get into trouble. The same is true with oils. Just use the gifts from the plants that HE made for us—the ones well known to provide benefits for us, and leave the rest to Him.  Is there fancy chemistry associated with the oils and how they work? Yes, and it’s QUITE fascinating. But the oils do their magic whether you know how they work or not.  When you join up with us, we teach you along the way.

Business (1)

Myth # 2: Learning to use oils is a ton of work & I don’t have time for it.

Here’s where having a mentor is SUCH a gift.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, because we already did. We made all the mistakes, we stayed up late and got up early many, many days because we was so captivated by what the oils were doing for us and what we was learning about them.  So, we’ve simplified the process and created a FREE resource so that you don’t have to do that.  Just last week, for instance, I did a facebook live in our oil group about emotions and the parts of the body they affect as well as the oils that help.  We have units in our group that guide you through essential oil safety, an overview of essential oils, diffuser recipes, back to school, your metabolism… and more!

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Myth #3 – I’m fine; I tried oils a few years ago and they didn’t really work for me.

Same.  The exact same thing happened to me. And here’s what I learned,  essential oils are not created equal. There is a VAST difference between the oils I use now and the one I tried years ago. They are not even comparable.  And honestly, even with good oils, without a little guidance, it can be so overwhelming that you give up before you get results. It’s happened to plenty of us.  Much like good quality, organic food grown by a farmer who cares, if you get REAL, authentic oils that come from REAL plants, they will change your life. They will transform the way you think about health and wellness. They will give you REAL tools to help your family. They will reduce your stress and improve the way your body functions. Your immune system will get stronger, your hormones will start to balance, your digestion will improve, your mood will get BETTER.


Myth #4 – No thanks, I’m a Christian and I’m not into weird healing practices like rubbing oils on my body.

We are a culture addicted to quick, ineffective fixes. They don’t get to the underlying cause of anything. They silence the alarm system of our bodies and often times cause us to experience other problems.  Sure, there are some amazing discoveries that have been made and some life saving drugs on the market, but just look around. Are these making us overall healthier and more able to cope with the stress of life? If so, then why are there SO MANY pharmacies and doctor’s offices everywhere? So, if it has you weirded out that it’s a strange way of doing things, it really isn’t. It’s as old as Adam and Eve and there’s evidence that nearly every ancient culture used oils for a wide variety of things. Sometimes there’s an incredible amount of wisdom in looking back. Which reminds me of the verse in Revelation that says, “the fruit of the trees shall be for their food and the leaves of the trees for their healing.”


My wish for you is to sidestep the doubt, confusion, and insecurity toward oils so that you can finally discover their value. They are potent little drops that will do amazing things in your body.

Are you open to learning more about essential oils and natural health? You can contact us for a personal consult and oil sample.

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