Authentically You

Can we just embrace the truth that we are messy, paradoxical people who sometimes just don’t fit into the lines?  Can we just go ahead and admit that we are both brave and scared?  Strong and sensitive?  We can be more than one thing.

Do you feel tension between who you are and who you ought to be?  In a culture that gives us very specific expectations about who we should be and what we should be like, can we just throw those out and go straight to authentic?

Authenticity –

  1.  the quality of being genuine, real
  2. an origin supported by unquestionable evidence, verified
  3. one’s true nature or beliefs

Our authenticity lies in being who we are no matter what environment we are in.  If we are always carefully controlling the narratives of our stories, we will never show up and truly be seen.  We will never receive the gift of being known.  We will always be waiting for perfection so we can finally be this “worthy” unrecognizable version of who we really aren’t.  Authenticity can’t be copied.  It can’t be false.  It resists comparison.  It’s acknowledging the difference between what is fake and what is real.

Your time is now.  Dive into the glorious reality of who you are.  Find that one life you were born to claim.  Trust in the uniqueness of who you are created to be.  We want to see the real version of you.  When you are real and vulnerable, you create a space for us to be real and vulnerable.  It’s worth showing up in our beautiful imperfection.  It changes our lives for the better.  It changes the world.


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