Judah’s Birth Story

After three girls, finding out that “it’s a boy” was a little surprising.  But the surprises didn’t stop there.

On April 5th, four days before Judah was born, we had an ultrasound because the doctor suspected that Judah was breech.  I had gone to the doctor by myself that day.  Brian is self-employed and with the birth of Judah near, I was being practical.  My words to Brian, “Go on to work.  It’s just a routine appointment.  You’ll have to miss a lot of work soon.”  Reluctantly, he agreed.

When the doc told me we needed an ultrasound to confirm baby’s suspected breech position, I called my mom from my cel. She works across the street from my doctor and I thought she might like to see the baby.  Of course, “nanny” couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  She raced over.  That was definitely God’s doing.

Judah was transverse (sideways).  There were more important concerns, though.  Judah was very large.  There was twice as much amniotic fluid as is normal.  Most concerning was what appeared to be a very large cyst attached at his neck.  The doctor decided to send me to the hospital for a more powerful or defined ultrasound.

On the way to the hospital, mom and I prayed.  I asked God to give me the cyst.  Please do not let it be attached to my baby.

They confirmed that Judah was transverse.  He was large.  They estimated him to weigh 10lbs and 12 ozs.  There was 50% more amniotic fluid than there should have been. There was a cyst but praise be to God, it did not appear to be attached to Judah.  It was in the amniotic fluid but it did not appear to be attached to anything.  ?  The doctors were unsure of what the outcome would be as far as the cyst.  I was scheduled for my first C-section after three natural births on the following Monday (April 9th).

We spent the whole weekend (Easter) in prayer and trying to rest.  We enjoyed Easter dinner at my Mom’s and at my Aunt Barbara’s. We asked God to put my face before my doctor and to guide her in all decisions that she made.

On Monday morning, she came to talk to me before the procedure.  She said, “I dreamed about you all weekend.  We are definitely making the right decision.”

Judah was born April 9th, two weeks early.  He weighed 10lbs 11ozs.

They never found the cyst.

God gave us a beautiful baby boy.  Everyday since the birth of our son, we have been given the gift anew of loving and cherishing our children given to us by God.  

Today we remembered his sovereignty and his love.  We remembered how he was with us and protected us.  Lord, we give thanks for Judah.  For his health and the joy he has brought to our lives.  God is so good.

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