Kids Will Be Kids (no matter what)

I watched the sweetest video on facebook recently of a child with severe health challenges, giving her dad kisses and following each kiss with a silly noise and lots of lots of giggles.  Y’all it was the cutest.  It reminded me that whatever difficulties they face, kids are kids no matter what!

This precious reminder can also be found in a beautiful book written by my friend and special education teacher, Tiffany Castle.  The book is a work of her heart.  It comes from her years of experience in watching all kids just be kids.  All kids just want to do normal kid things and be included.  She hopes to make a difference for all children one book at a time.

Once we know better, we do better.  Together we can break down barriers and make the world better for our children.  Something magical happens when we stop worrying about fitting in and embrace that we are all unique.  None of us fit inside the lines.  So show up as yourself in all your complexities.  The world needs that.

Her book is available on Etsy!  It would make a great gift!

I bought one for my home but I wish I had bought one for another family and a classroom as well!


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