Green Therapy

Don’t you just love science backed ways to build a stronger calmer you at home?  Well, research shows that plants significantly improve our indoor environment.  You will enjoy everything from physically cleaner air to improved psychological health.  So one of the best and most beautiful ways to make your home less toxic is to grow something!

Call it plant therapy and fill your prescription!  Some of my favorite house plants include:

1.  The Marble Queen Pothos.  It vines down so it’s great on a shelf or stand.  It needs medium to bright indirect light.  Water it every 1-2 weeks. This one came from a start my mom gave me from her own Pothos. I love hand-me-down plants!


2.  The Snake Plant is one of the best at cleaning the air and can adapt to most indoor light situations.  Water it every 7-10 days.


3.  Air Plants are so easy.  Don’t fuss over them.  Just use a spray bottle to spritz them once a week.  They do best in indirect light.  Mine is in a cute glass globe.  There’s three varieties of air plants inside.

4.  Also pictured is my Christmas Cactus.  It’s beautiful when it blooms at Christmas.  It likes lots of indirect light but not too much water. It was a favorite of Brian’s grandmother and his aunts all have starts from hers. His mom even handed down a start to me. What a treasure, right?


5. My grandmother ALWAYS had an aloe vera plant on her porch. If we got a bee sting or a bug bite, she’d break off a piece and rub on the gel. Aloes are super easy to grow. Just put them in a bright sunny spot. The don’t like a lot of water. Once every couple weeks is plenty. Order these and have them shipped directly to you for free!

So there you have it.  Four easy ways to enjoy nature indoors.  I promise you’ll love having your life a little more leafy and rooted.

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