Hey, What’s Your Why?

This year, I’m more committed than ever to my health.  I’ve been reflecting on my why.  Why am I committed to my health?  What’s going to keep me engaged in making healthier choices throughout the year?  What’s going to continue to fuel my wellness journey?


This is the longest in twenty years that I’ve ever gone without being pregnant.  This May, Jonan will be our first four year old who doesn’t have a baby brother or sister.  Nobody is in diapers.  I get to sleep at night.  I don’t have morning sickness.  I don’t own any maternity clothes.  It’s a little bit sad but it’s a new time of life for me and I’m learning to embrace it.  It’s amazing how clearly you think when you get to sleep at night or when you don’t wake up with nausea.

My body is strong.  It’s carried seven babies and birthed six. Being mom to my large brood is a dream come true and I’m thankful for everyday of it.  I’ve loved my life and I intend to continue enjoying it.  I want to live my best and healthiest life possible.  Because what makes me happiest is to be an active part of their lives.

Y’all, I thought when the oldest kids were grown, that I’d be old.  Well… Surprise!  I’m not old.  There’s more I want to do!  So much more.

I do think the older you get, the more you recognize and have real appreciation for every day that you wake up with a healthy mind and a healthy body. You appreciate movement, flexibility, and strength.

My why is to maintain a fit body, mind, and soul so that my family and I can thrive and be our best selves.  I also want to inspire my community so they can live life to the fullest.

Let’s own every second.  Let’s see all the places.  Let’s make every day count.  You in?


(I’m down 30lbs so far and I am loving how much better my body is moving!)



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