20 Reasons

Our wedding day was amazing. I’ll never forget that moment when the doors opened, our eyes met, my dad walked me down the aisle, and placed my hand in his. That was a happy day. But not the happiest day of our lives together. Not even close. There’s the birth of our six children. Definitely cherished and blessed days. But when was the happiest day? There’s been so many… All of it, I have loved all of it. And it officially began on the day the doors opened… 20 years ago. weddingday

20.  He loves to laugh and to make me laugh.

19. But even when I’m grouchy, he still likes me.

18. He is my “things that go bump in the night” investigator.

17.  His glass is always half full.

16. When he isn’t buckling babies in car seats, he opens my car door.

15. He drives. I don’t have to.

14. He likes to hold my hand while he’s driving.

13.  He is always up for an adventure.

12.  He is my travel agent.  All I have to do is pack my bag.

11. He paints/builds/moves stuff at my beck and call.

10. He is the resident stir-fry maker.

9. His eyes.

8. He buys me cards and writes me love notes.

7. He works hard to provide for his family.

6. He lives it at home first and preaches it at church second.

5. He believes in me.  Sometimes more than I believe in me.

4. When life is hard, he doesn’t give up or run away.

3. His dad skills.

2. He is my spider slayer.

1. He is still the one I kiss good night.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Trent!  You’ll always be the one.

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