Picture Perfect


I had the privilege Sunday to share these photos, and a laugh, with our church. Our family loves to have fun, but our point behind this is that we want everyone to see what a real family looks like prior to and after the two seconds we were able to muster up to get everyone to look and smile for the “perfect picture”.


Today, God sees the real you. He sees the not so perfect you. He sees your issues, your pain, your dreams, your good, your bad, he even sees things you don’t see. The true miracle is that he sees the real you and still loves you. Our family is far from perfect, but what fun would it be if we were? Our imperfections reveal how great God’s love truly is for our family and also provides opportunities that allow our love for each other to grow.

So here’s to all the imperfect families today. May God’s overwhelming love reveal itself in every area of your family’s life.

– Brian

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