13 things about Gracie

1. She waited until 42 weeks to be born and even then with the assistance of pitocin. Pitocin did the trick because she was born five hours later. Her delivery was by far my easiest.


2.  She has ALWAYS been picky about her clothes. Even when she was too little to be picky.

3. Her smile is so big that her eyes close to make room for it.

4. When she was little, she had trouble learning to add and subtract until I put dollar signs in front of all the numbers. Suddenly it was the easiest thing for her – EVER!

5. She is strong. Seriously, you should see her muscles.


6. She is great at organizing and helping.

7. She gives great pedicures! :)

8. She loves to swim, play basketball, softball, and dance.

9. She’s a baby whisperer. Babies love her.


10. She loves all things coffee. Coffee, coffee jellybeans, coffee ice cream, coffee candy…

11. She likes to make her own birthday cake.  Has been doing it for at least four years (maybe longer, I’m trying to remember).

12.  One time she decided to run a 5k and finished 2nd in her age division.

13.  She is our “plain talker”.  (Very direct and will tell you exactly how it is.)  So, don’t ask her unless you really want to know.  😉


She’s such a blessing to our whole family!  Love you, Gracie!  Happy 13th birthday!



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