Guatemala Mission Trip pt. 3

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Rhyan picked us up after our emotional good-byes at the school. For those of you that are wondering who Rhyan is, he pastors a church in Cuidad Vieja, Guatemala.  His wife, Lauren and their son, Ian have become very special to us and our church.  Anyways, he drove us to Antigua, Guatemala which is where we stayed for the rest of the trip. Antigua is a beautiful place! There are 3 volcanoes near there and you can see all 3 very clearly! I took this picture while we were at McDonald’s. Yes, I know. Why the heck were we at McDonald’s?! This McDonald’s was the bomb! It was sooo cool! It is actually like a 2-billion-something restraunt, I think. Rhyan said the exact number, but I forgot. Basically, it’s a rich McDonald’s. All I know, is it has way better food and service than you’ll ever get at our in Hampton, SC!

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The next day (8/16) Rhyan took us to his church. That evening he was putting on a Christian magic show that everyone was invited to. Our group split up into groups that was placed on certain streets in Cuidad Vieja. Each group had a Spanish speaking person that would invite the people to the magic show, while we handed out a piece of paper that said the time, etc. and we also handed out lollipops. When we got back we had plenty of time to spare till the show. As you can see in the picture above, we met some friends. We played some futbol. Like I said I’m not the best at sports that involve a ball so I might have kinda kicked the ball and line drived an elderly man in the leg. Oops. Like I said, I’m not the best. Later that night, I witnessed 18 kids get saved. 18! 18 random kids who I didn’t know got saved! That’s the coolest thing ever. I don’t know if I have words that could appropriately describe the kind of feeling that gives me. What I do know is that 18 kids know Jesus now!

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That Sunday (8/17) we went to church with Rhyan and got to hear a whole sermon preached in Spanish. Don’t exactly know what was said, but every once in a while someone would say something back to him so I would just nod my head and say “Amen” quietly to myself. After church, our church had provided a meal for everyone that was there. It was a special treat for most of them; glass plates, crystal glasses, all the good food, etc. I think everyone enjoyed it.

On Monday (8/18) Rhyan drove us back to the airport where our trip came to an end. We flew all the way back to America and went out to eat at Long Horn Steak House. We missed good ole American food. I really missed my sweet tea! I think I drank about a whole pitcher full. 😉 We finished the long drive back to Hampton the next day (8/19). I was so glad to see my mom and brothers again!

I recommend anyone and everyone to go on an “out of America mission trip”. It will change you and the way you think. This was my second time going and it still did things to me. I’m telling you, your life will never ever be the same, my life isn’t the same!

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