Guatemala Mission Trip – Gracie’s POV

Hello everybody, I’m Gracie! I am the second oldest in The Trent Tribe Family. I am going to do a follow-up on Katie’s blog post(s) so you can see my point of view during this past trip.


In the picture above you will see me and my friend, Alexis moving computers out of the office we were about to start painting in. It was hard not getting distracted while painting, every few minutes a little kid would poke their head in the room and you couldn’t help but want to play with them.


I was so excited to see all those kids again. I missed them so much! I think it’s cool that most of them remembered me. I remember when we had just got to the orphanage and I seen kids I knew. Katie and I started squealing because we were so excited to see them. If the bus door wasn’t closed I would have jumped out right then. The kids were so excited to see us, that they were jumping into our arms! They don’t even have to know you, they’ll still jump into your arms. They don’t care who you are, they just love you! It reminds me of the love Jesus has for us; he don’t care who we are, he just loves us! I’ve learned a lot from those kids.


This is Ms. Christy. She is the sweetest and most caring person you will ever meet! Last time we visited our group had collected a lot of Essential Oils to give to her and the teachers. So thanks to our friends, the Esteppes, we refilled her stock. You will not believe how much she loves those oils, she was so pleased to get more and so were the babies. They love to smell them, it’s just too cute!


Every day that we were at the orphanage (3 whole days) after lunch we would do VBS for the kids. Amanda did a great job teaching the lessons to the kids. After the lessons we did crafts, that was always fun and after crafts, we had games for them to play. That was an experience!



Before we went to Rhyan’s village we had to say good-bye to the kids in the orphanage. That was rough. I cried a lot, it was just too sad. Some of them gave me bracelets to remember them by, even though I won’t ever forget them!


While at Rhyan’s village we got to hand out lollipops and invitations to a magic show that Rhyan was putting on at his church. Before the magic show we had plenty of time to spare, so we made friends with some kids across the street and had ourselves a game of futbol. There’s not doubt about it, they were much better than us. I believe Katie told you about her incident with the elderly man, yeahhh she’s not that coordinated with a ball. Later that evening I witnessed 18 kids come to Christ. As Katie mentioned before, there are no words to properly describe the moment.

Well folks, that’s all I have to say about my experience on this mission trip. Before you stop reading I would like to say one more thing. It would mean the world to me and Katie if you guys would check out this website: and talk to your families about sponsoring one of the kids in the orphanage. You will make a huge impact on that certain kid’s life! If you need help picking out that certain kid, just ask me or Katie. We will be more than glad to help you! Thank you guys so much!

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