Guatemala Mission Trip pt. 2

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After we finished painting each morning, we would go to the orphanage (Fundación Salvación). We would go to the nursery, where all the cute little snot covered babies are. (You can get all the slobbery kisses you want.)  The kids at the school come back to the orphanage at 1:15 to have lunch. All 120 kids line up in two lines; boys and girls. Each day a different kid says a prayer, then the girls get to go through the line first.  While I was eating with the kids I had this moment, I was looking around at all the kids and it hit me that they were all orphans and all had life stories like no other. Stories that will make you cry just to listen to. You know, the first thing they do when you walk into the building is hug you. They don’t know who you are or where you came from, they just want to hug you. My little sister, Emrie went to my dad and said, “They keep talking to me and I have no idea what they’re saying!” Even though we speak different languages, they don’t care! There wasn’t a time that went by when I didn’t have someone clinging to my neck or holding my hand. It amazes me that even though they’ve been treated worse than dirt, they’re happy. They’re happy to go to school, to have meals everyday, clothes to wear, etc. They don’t need a new electronic to make them happy, they just want love. Meeting these kids has totally made me look at my life in a different perspective.

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Each day (8/12, 8/13, 8/14) after lunch we did a Vacation Bible School for them. Gracie, Emrie, Alexis, and I danced to worship songs for the kids.  Miss Amanda would teach the lessons.  Rodney and Cindy would do crafts.  Dad did games. The kids had a blast! It warms my heart to know that we were able to share God’s amazing love with them. My dad, Rodney, Alexis, and I got to play an intense game of futbol (aka soccer) with a bunch of the older boys. I’m not  very good when it comes to sports that involve a ball and I actually have no idea how to play soccer…I don’t know what I was thinking. Min (captain of the team I was on) kicked the ball to me and it hit my face. It’s all good, I’m ok! Totally used to it.  (Softballs to the face hurt more, just saying.)

Our last day in Huehuetenago (8/15) we went to the school to join their devotions. Alisha (principal of the school) asked us to stand in front of all the kids, she had a volunteer to come up and pray for us before we left. I almost died. It was the sweetest thing ever! Before I almost died she asked if any of the kids wanted to say a special something to us…Ugh. That was a tear jerker. A little girl in first grade made me a drawing with a message on it, I have no clue what it says, but I’ll treasure it always! One boy, Carlos who is 15, really likes my dad. He gave him a handmade beanie, he said it was to “keep his bald head warm.” Leaving them is sad. It’s actually really hard and makes me an emotional wreck. I have to remind them and myself that I will be back, so it’s ok. I tell them not to cry, I wont ever, ever forget them!  They will forever have a special place in my heart.

To be continued…

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