What Makes You “Not Normal”?

What makes you “not normal”? Me? Vitiligo. I was first diagnosed twenty years ago. I had never heard of it. Never seen anyone with it. Not only was I diagnosed, I was told it might be hereditary or it could be autoimmune, it’s incurable and it would get worse. When I cried, the doctor told … Continue reading What Makes You “Not Normal”?

Transitioning from Summer to Fall

August is winding down.  Lots of kids are back in school.  I'm sad to see cookouts and pool days go.  We're squeezing every last drop out of summer that we can but we can't deny cooler nights, less humidity, pumpkin everything... fall is upon us. I've put together a free eBrochure of tips and tricks … Continue reading Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Words of Wisdom

Seems like everywhere you turn now days, people have advice. Solicited and unsolicited. People have an opinion about us and how we should live our lives. Sometimes they offer good advice and sometimes the advice should be completely disregarded. This is my advice-o-meter: If you want advice about an area of life, find someone who … Continue reading Words of Wisdom