Words of Wisdom

Seems like everywhere you turn now days, people have advice. Solicited and unsolicited.

People have an opinion about us and how we should live our lives. Sometimes they offer good advice and sometimes the advice should be completely disregarded.

This is my advice-o-meter:

If you want advice about an area of life, find someone who has achieved what you are aiming for.

So, don’t take marriage advice from people who complain about their spouse. Don’t take parenting advice from people with unhappy, out of control children. Don’t take home management advice from people who can’t dig their way out of the clutter, dirty dishes, and dirty laundry.  Don’t take financial advice from people who are broke.

Find someone who has already been where you want to go and learn all you can!

Some of the best advice we ever received is to be givers.  Giving can be one of the most powerful tools in our life. It changed our mindset, opened up incredible doors, and helped us move toward God’s plan for our life. We have learned this through practice in our own life and love to share that with others so we can all experience the power of giving.

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