What Makes You “Not Normal”?

What makes you “not normal”? Me?

Vitiligo. I was first diagnosed twenty years ago. I had never heard of it. Never seen anyone with it. Not only was I diagnosed, I was told it might be hereditary or it could be autoimmune, it’s incurable and it would get worse. When I cried, the doctor told me I was welcome to get a second opinion.

Twenty years later, I can tell you it did get worse. It is hereditary. I have a son who has it and discovered cousins with it. Vitiligo is much more common than I knew. I see people with it often.

When I first saw vitiligo on my son’s knees, I was fiercely determined he would be confident in who he is and his appearance. That meant I had to be confident in who I am and my appearance. So we wear want we want and do what we want. We are healthy and strong. Vitiligo only affects how we look. But by affecting how we look, it also holds so much weight mentally.

So now you know. Vitiligo is part of my life, my family’s life, and so many others. I am determined to be comfortable in my skin. I hope you’ll be comfortable in yours.

My husband captured us doing life with vitiligo in Todd, NC.  We enjoyed tubing, kayaking, hiking, swimming, and exploring the beauty and fun of the Boone area. The vacation house sit on the New River and is conveniently located with short drives to places like Boone, Blowing Rock, Grandfather Mountain, and more.

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