Said No Mom Ever

10 Things You Will Never Hear a Mama Say

On Mother’s Day and beyond, we have the chance to embrace the actual people we have been given in our very real and wonderful lives. To cherish our family and circumstances as the gifts that they are. On this day, we extend honor to all mothers – grandmothers, great-grandmothers, stepmothers, mother figures… Some of us will mother a tribe, a community, generations, and neighborhoods.

Mothering requires us to do and say many things, but I can assure you there is at least ten phrases you will never hear a mama say.

1. “Wow, potty training just goes by way too fast.”

2. “Whining is so cute.”

3. “Well, if everyone else is doing it, you should do it too.”

4. “Kids are so cheap. We have heaps of money left over.”

5. “You drew with sharpies on the couch?  I love it!”

6. “Sweetheart, you are calling me much too often.”

7. “You must be full.  I’ll stop offering you food.”

8. “I’m sick of having all this time to myself.”

9. “Alexa, play the Baby Shark song again.”

10. “I can’t believe how clean this house is.”

Moms play a role in our lives that no one else can ever quite fill. Flashback to your childhood and think about how often you said, “I want my mommy!” Whether we are hurt, scared, angry, or plain sad, mom always knows how to make it better. Once we have our own children, we know what it is like to be a mom while simultaneously needing a mom.

Thanks moms everywhere for all you do.  Thanks for going through hours and hours of labor to give us life.  Thanks for believing in us whole heartedly and pushing us to achieve great things. Thanks for cooking our favorite meals. Thanks for finding all the things we cannot find. You love us through all our phases of life.  You are our biggest supporter and our number one fan. There are not enough flowers in the world to thank you. 

My favorite Mother’s Day gift is the gift of my children’s presence. They are, without a doubt, my favorite people in the world! I love being in their company. I love laughing with them, playing with them, and observing them. I also love listening to their exaggerated stories about all the crazy things they remember me doing when they were young (or even last week!). It is such an honor to bring a child into this world. It is such a humbling experience to try to get it “right” and do your best.

Happy Mother’s Day to all who have mothered and who are mothering. May you know that what you do is what the world needs more of. May you never doubt the importance of what you do and may you enjoy it along the way. Happy Mother’s Day 2021!

Previously Published in the Hampton County Guardian.

My daughter, Katie with our granddaughter, Everly.
Photo taken by Anna Sanders Photography

2 thoughts on “Said No Mom Ever

  1. Well Said ! Trent Tribe. While Longing for My Daughters. 💕🙏🌈💯 Happy Mothers Day to You & Each Momma at The Lighthouse Church. Many Blessings…5.6.21…

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