Spring Clean Your Health Routine

Put Yourself on Your To-Do List

Spring is the season of renewal and growth. It is a time we feel inspired to get organized and clean neglected areas of our houses and lawns. It is also a great time to spring clean our health routine. Decluttering your life and prioritizing your needs can make a huge impact on your mental health and your physical health. We all know how therapeutic it is watching those bags of junk and clutter leave the house after giving a room a thorough clean out.  But why stop with your personal space? Your physical wellbeing may need some sprucing up, too!

Start by just getting outside.  Consider using the warmer spring weather as an opportunity to get out of the office for walking meetings. Walking meetings help spark creativity, build deeper connections with colleagues, and counteract the effects of sitting for extended periods of time. Plus, studies show that natural light significantly increases energy and productivity.

It might even be time to replace your running/walking shoes.  Studies show they lose anywhere from 16 to 33 percent of their heel cushioning after about 300 miles of use. If you run/walk 20 miles a week, you will need to start looking at replacements after approximately four months.  

Spring is the time to get your seeds planted and start growing some produce. Even if you only have a patio or deck, you can create a pot or box and produce some of your own vegetables. You can also dedicate a certain part of your lawn or flower beds to growing vegetables.  Studies show that people who home garden are happier and eat more healthfully.

Give your kitchen a “healthy makeover”. Get rid of the processed and unhealthy junk food and replace with whole, natural foods instead. Take time to look for expiration dates and toss them.  Pay special attention to your spice rack.  Spices and herbs do not spoil the same way produce or dairy does, but time does cause them to lose their potency and flavor.

Eating at restaurants drains your wallet—and can add pounds to your waist. A University of Texas study found that dieters scarfed down 253 more calories and 16 extra grams of fat on the days they ate out. By prepping your own meals, you can sidestep extra calories and improve portion control.

Although technology has made life easier, too much technology can make life more difficult and leave us feeling stressed out. Consider a technology detox that cuts back on too much stimulation. Designate a technology-free time during your when you avoid watching TV, using your laptop, spending time on social media, or using your smartphone.

Let the spring “cleaning” begin by putting yourself on your to-do list. Implementing these super easy steps right away will allow you to effortlessly brush off the winter doldrums and give your health a reboot. This is the spring to let your best self bloom!

Previously published in Hampton County Guardian Augusta Chronicle USA Today Network

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