Peace is a Mindset

Peace is a mindset that is influenced by our perception and perspective.  The good news is that perception and perspective are also easily influenced.  You can change your perception and your perspective just by practicing gratitude and positivity.

When you go to a symphony and the musicians start to warm up, it sounds like a mess.  They are out of tune and everyone is playing their own thing.  But when the conductor appears and taps on the podium, suddenly, a beautiful thing happens.  It goes from a mess to AMAZING.  We get to conduct the atmosphere in our homes.  We get to take a mess and make a beautiful harmony.  We get to be conductors of peace.  We get to be peacemakers.  Peace is a mindset.

Some obstacles to peace in the home include denial, avoidance, blame, gossip… On the flip side, we can practice overlooking, forgiving, giving the benefit of the doubt, talking it out, getting help…

You can intentionally change your internal clock so that it is dialed to peace.  Some great ways to reset the clock is to choose to admit when you are wrong (shocking, I know but yes sometimes you are wrong, dearheart).  Apologize.  Act different next time.  Forgive.  Choose to believe the best.  Practice respectful conversation.  Communicate to understand and not to be heard.

Our emotions really do set the thermostat.  They do something to the environment.  If someone walks into an emotionally charged room, they can sense it without even being privy to any of the conversation.  So take control of the thermostat.  Set it to best foster an environment of love and peace.  You deserve that kind of home.  Your family deserves that kind of home.


I chatted about this over on our facebook page. If you want to dive deeper into this, give it a listen.

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