What Would You Change?

If you could wave a magic wand over one area of your life, what would it be? Would you pick your finances or your health or your relationships? All of us have a handful of things we wish we could make better, but we’re often paralyzed and overwhelmed when we think about that area, so we just keep ignoring it and pretending everything is fine.

Your inner wisdom (you should eat eggs instead of donuts, you should go for that run instead of vegging out on the sofa, etc…) is talking to you a lot during the day. It’s the first voice you hear. But if you wait long enough, the voice that sabotages you (lazy brain) will show up and tell you to choose something easier. Making better choices is not a matter of not knowing the right thing to do. You know the right things to do but your lazy brain will always choose the easiest thing. It doesn’t want to workout or eat healthy or work on that important project. It wants the easy way out. After all, one donut and one workout isn’t going to change our lives.  So we let lazy brain talk us out of it.  Your life is determined by a million tiny decisions that on their own don’t really matter that much. However the accumulation of all those tiny decisions? Those become the sum total of your life and that does make a difference.  A HUGE difference.

So if you want to change your life or grow in a certain area, your going to have to start making tiny decisions toward that goal.  You can choose to change any area of your life. Making tiny decision after tiny decision until one day we wake up 10 pounds lighter or with $1,000 in our emergency fund or whatever desire you carry in your heart! Teach yourself over and over to take ACTION, those tiny YES decisions in your life will eventually turn into big decisions that will shift what your life looks like and what you are able to accomplish with it.  Say a tiny yes and watch that action turn into something amazing!

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My tiny everyday decisions have found me 40lbs+ lighter!  And it was worth every donut I didn’t eat!  And every mile I walked!  I’m excited to see what other tiny decisions lead to!

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