Well Hello Sweet Summertime

Growing up, summer was my favorite time of year!  Days full of swimming with friends at the town pool, all the trips to the library and all the books I got to read, late night chatting with cousins at sleepovers, camping trips to Pigeon Forge and Dollywood, fishing on Big Cedar Creek, family cookouts, watermelon seed spitting, bicycle rides… Summer was good times.

Summer is coming y’all!  Don’t waste it glued to a screen.  Have an intentional summer.  What books are you (and your kids) going to read?  What fun staycations do you have planned?  Where can you explore locally?  What’s on your summer bucket list?

I’ve put together a little ebook of summertime essential oil tips and recipes.  It even includes a summer bucket list for inspiration.  You’ll find travel tips, easy diy sprays for summer days, rollin’ recipes for road trips, marinades, sweet treats… It’s my free gift for you!  Go have your BEST summer!



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