Be there. Be Loud.

I’ve been involved in children’s ministry for 20+ years and this is what I’ve learned, winning our children to Christ begins at home.  As moms and dads we’ve got to be active in our children’s lives. We’ve got to be more than a meal ticket and a chauffeur to our kids.

Before I was a mom, I had the opportunity to be a teacher and leader to children of all ages. I did everything in my power to love on them and show them Jesus in the limited time they were with me but ultimately my influence could never be greater than the influence of parents and home.

As moms and dads we’ve got to be willing to talk through real-life situations with our kids. Help them make wise decisions in their lives. A 30 minute lesson will go in one ear and out the other. We’ve got to live it out all day every day with our kids. We’ve got to be there. We’ve got to be loud. Yep. Louder than the voices all around them. Louder than their peers. Louder than the media. We’ve got to win the hearts of our children and we need our own hearts to be a reflection of Jesus. Our hearts and lives have got to point to him.

Our oldest is now a newly wed!  She has her own household and we are soooo blessed to have a son-in-law added to our family.  The chapter of our lives with her in our home has ended.  On the night before the wedding, we gathered around to have one last bedtime prayer.  Moms and dads, these seasons pass quickly.  You don’t want to miss them!


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