Do It Scared

Have you ever done something you was terrified to do or maybe you are in the process of working up your nerve to do something scared?

Fear. That’s what holds us back from the lives we’re meant to live. That’s what prevents us from finally going pro with our dreams.

We are all waiting to not feel afraid before we attempt the things. We are afraid of what people might say or of totally bombing it, so we play it safe.

The secret to doing brave things is to do it afraid.

I’m so proud of my friend, Leah Graham for going pro with her dreams of being a podcaster!

She’s doing it scared and oh my gosh! She’s amazing y’all! I’m one of her biggest fans. So thrilled for her! But.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think she’d ask to interview me. I wasn’t even sure I’d have anything to say. In truth, it was just two friends having conversation about things we care deeply about.

If you’re curious what we talked about on the Small Queendom podcast, follow the link. 👇🏻

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