Springing into Spring

New Season, Fresh Start!

It’s happening again—the signs of springtime are popping up in full swing to brighten the world. Here in the low country, we are especially blessed to get a head start on spring (no matter what that groundhog says). We may have a few more cold days ahead but the azalea filled landscapes are preparing to delight us as much as ever. It’s time to hit the refresh button in our daily lives and leave our winter hibernation.  Spring really is one of the most inspiring times of the year.

On warm days, it’s time to open the windows and let fresh air into our homes again.  Embrace those light airy springtime vibes by cleaning out the junk that weighs us down. Go through our environment (the different rooms of our home, our car, our desk…) and unclutter. Throw away what we don’t need and organize what we keep. Make our space fresh, clean, and open. Then do the same thing with our thoughts. All those worries, to-dos, and ideas floating around, it’s time to give them somewhere to live. Do a massive brain dump of everything in our head.  Get all those feelings poured out on paper.  Maybe organize them in a to-do list, a project list, journal entries… Just get it all out of our head and free up that magnificent brain.

Springtime is when nature is waking up from its long winter sleep.  It’s time to stop hibernating on our couch and start flexing those physical and creative muscles.  When we get moving, our body releases endorphins, the quintessential feel-good chemicals found in the brain which is a huge bonus for our mental health and mood. Get out of the winter workout rut and increase overall fitness by trying a new form of exercise. Lace up those sneakers, walk the dog, or go try that new exercise class. Take a walk and smell the flowers blooming along the way. Winter gives the body the signal that we should hibernate and rest; spring, on the other hand, tells us to get up and start something new.  Spring is an incredible time to create, whether it’s a new business venture, new relationships, or new chapters in our current relationships. It could mean revising our outlook on life or setting fresh goals. It is a time to dream and dare to expand who we are and how we see ourselves. What kinds of habits, attitudes, and influences are growing in our life’s garden? Make a conscious effort to rip out weeds of negative patterns and replace them with positive seeds that will uplift, inspire, and encourage us.

The daffodils are waving, and the trees are preparing vibrant blooms just for us. Birds are singing and butterflies are emerging, let’s be sure to notice.  Spring brings a sense of hope, renewal, and inspiration. There is an assurance that blessings are coming. Beauty is ahead. Isn’t it just so wonderful that spring always follows winter?

Our newest spring project – repurposed cable spools into a garden planter.

Previously published in the Hampton County Guardian.

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