Summer is Fleeting

Savor the Summer Days You Have Left

It is all downhill from here folks.  The 4th of July is passed.  According to the retail world, it is time to get your back-to-school supplies, Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving menu, and Christmas shopping done.  Seriously though, summer should get a speeding ticket.  As summer threatens to end, make a list of all those summery things you have wanted to do and get out there and do them!  Whether it is that camping trip, beach party, or a picnic lunch as a family, now is the time.

Our library’s summer reading program has become a favorite summer tradition.  I love that during the summer months, we get to read just for fun.  It is not assigned.  It is not mandated.  It is purely driven by interest and the love of reading.  Too hot outside?  Pouring the rain?  Library Day is all weather appropriate.  My kids pick out and read a stack of books weekly.  Applying for their own library card is almost as good as a driver’s license (when you are six).  Once a week, we return to the library for new books and the kids show their reading list to the librarian who stamps it and gives them a prize.  What is better than reading good books?  Getting a fluorescent squishy reward!  We plan our weekly “Library Day” around the story time program.  So far this summer, we have made a greenhouse complete with seeds to learn and watch plants grow.  We have learned about eggs hatching in incubators.  We have learned what to do during a weather emergency and how to prepare for hurricanes.  We are looking forward to building a bird house, making our own first aid kits, and seeing those chicks when they hatch!  Be sure to make the library part of your summer. 

Did you know our Hampton County Farmer’s Market is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays? Located at W Carolina Avenue, it is a great opportunity to buy fruit, veggies, Adirondack chairs and swings. A local farmers market is such a great way to connect with community and show support to the community.  If you are a grower or maker, consider being part of your local farmer’s market.

Do not miss out on all the things happening with the Hampton County Arts at the Stanley Arts Building and historic Palmetto Theater.  From art exhibitions, live music, to summer classes that include pottery, tap dancing, painting, and so much more. Be sure to stay tuned for special events all year long. What can you do to plug into your local arts community?

The Hampton Country Recreation Department in Varnville is also in full swing with basketball, senior bingo, yoga, cardio, and tons more.  They offer a great summer itinerary in addition to their full year programs. Your local recreation center is key to building community.

Our towns may be small, but opportunity abounds! This short article highlights only a handful of the things.  There really is no reason to not go live your best summer.  Just do it now because in a hot minute it will be Labor Day.

Previously Published in the Hampton County Guardian Augusta Chronicle USA Today Network

Here’s a unique DIY swing set idea. We will take you through step by step on how we did this. Make it even better and turn it into a summer project for the family.

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