Finding Spring Joy

Are You Missing Out on the Joy of the Season?  Do These Four Things Right Now!

How many times have you raced through your day, unknowingly missing out? Our days are brimming with ongoing responsibilities. It can be quite easy to disregard what makes us genuinely happy.  There are so many fun things to enjoy during this beautiful time of year. 

  1. One of our favorite spring pastimes is strawberry picking.  Our area boasts a whole crop of You-pick farms, so when you find yourself craving the freshest of fruits, just head for rural roads. Breland Hill Farm in Ruffin, SC opened for the 2021 strawberry season on March 26.  They offer both pre-picked and you-picked options.  Take a drive to 849 Spencer Drive, Ruffin, SC to see strawberry fields that go on forever.  Strawberry season typically lasts into May but call ahead before hopping in the car. Strawberry prices are Pre-picked: $14 for a gallon and you-pick: $12 for a gallon.  Also, Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens in Mt. Pleasant, SC is having their annual Strawberry Festival April 29 – May 2. The Lowcountry Strawberry Festival has been a spring tradition since 1997. After taking 2020 off due to the pandemic, they are excited to be back.  Visit for tickets and more information. 
  2. The smallest of birds often provide the biggest entertainment.  I am talking about hummingbirds, of course, and they are big — big on personality.  I do not think I will ever get over the wonderment of how such a tiny, seemingly fragile, creature could fly so fast and then stop on a dime, to hover in mid-flight and feed.  It is so easy to make the food for their feeders. One fourth of a cup of sugar to one cup of water. I cannot help sending up a “thank you, Lord,” every time I see one from my kitchen sink, dining table, or back porch chairs.  It is a miracle that never gets old. 
  3. Nestled right here in Hampton County, Lake Warren State Park provides plenty of amenities for a day spent outdoors. The park boasts a floodplain forest and other large tracts of wetlands and woodlands that are home to a wide variety of plants and animals. From fishing, two nature trails, picnic facilities, and playground equipment, you will find everything needed for a perfect spring excursion.
  4. My final spring joy tip is to bring out your inner child by playing classic outdoor games. Kids will love to have you play hopscotch, kick the can, freeze tag, red rover, and red-light green-light. Do not forget to pull out the everyday staples like sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, bubbles, kites, and kickballs. 

The richest things in life are the relationships we have with others and the experiences that tie those relationships together. We do not need great wealth or resources to have a joy filled life. Find ways in your daily routines to be mindful and present. In every season, find things to enjoy. 

Previously published in the Hampton County Guardian Augusta Chronicle USA Today Network

Let us take you to Breland Hill Farm! Check out our YouTube video from 2018.

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