Fresh Start Healing Heart Matching Grant

They come into the lives of our children, sisters, brothers, friends… through social media or in-person at places like schools and malls. Even through established relationships in families and communities.Human trafficking can involve grooming for sexual exploitation, being tricked into risky job offers, or trapped in forced labor (building sites, factories, farms, private homes…), begging (panhandling), drug dealing, marriage , and even organ removal. People don’t have to be transported across borders for trafficking to take place. In fact, transporting or moving the victim doesn’t define trafficking – it can take place within a single country, or even within a single city.

Do you know what makes a difference? Awareness. Empathy. Compassion. Community. That’s where Fresh Start Healing Heart comes in. They bring awareness to communities and organizations. They show empathy and compassion and help us know how we can help through our own empathy and compassion. They create a safe community around both prevention and recovery.

We have been given a matching grant from dōTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation for Fresh Start Healing Heart (FSHH). Every dollar we raise up to $4000 will be doubled. This will give FSHH $8000 to use on behalf of survivors. Will you help us get there?The good news is that when exploitation meets a community of awareness, empathy, and compassion – exploitation loses and justice wins. We can help Fresh Start Healing Heart win! Giving Link. 100% of your donation x2 will go to FSHH.

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