Our Intex Pool

Some of our most watched videos on our YouTube channel have been about our Intex Pool. We are preparing to open it for its 3rd season and we still love it!

(Complete setup of the Intex Ultra Frame 16×32 above ground pool. We love the size, the shape, and the addition to our backyard.)

This is actually our 3rd intex pool. Years ago, we started with a small round one. Later we upgraded to a bigger round pool. With six children, two sons-in-law, and now a grandbaby, we wanted to upgrade again to the biggest pool they offered at the time of our purchase. We liked the look of the rectangular pool.

The biggest issue was that I didn’t want a huge above ground monstrosity to consume the entire view of our back yard. The above ground pool plus a deck all around would have been taller than our windows. Our house is very low to the ground and our back porch is actually a ground level patio. So, we begin toying with the idea of sinking the pool. The cost of this project was a fraction of the cost of having an in ground pool installed. Even if we replace the actual pool itself, we will still be at a fraction of the cost. We can replace the pool and the wood several times over and it will still cost less than installing an inground pool.

(Step by step how we lowered our 16×32 above ground pool down in the ground and built a deck around it to look and feel like an in ground pool for a fraction of the cost.)

We are excited it is almost pool season again! Our kids swim hours everyday all summer long. We’ve purchased some great accessories for our pool that make it much easier to maintain.

(Thinking about a robotic pool cleaner? We recently purchased the MAYTRONICS Dolphin E10 pool cleaner. This is a review from opening the box to underwater footage of the robotic pool cleaner at work.)
(Doheny’s Winter Cover with Water Bags – Install and Review)

If you are thinking about an intex pool, we say “Go for it!” You’ll love it!

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