Crowd Out the Bad – Eat Real Food to Feel Better

Unfortunately, in our current supermarket lifestyle, we are completely oblivious to what we are eating and its impact on our health and our world.  With big companies and big industry, we know little about how our food is grown and they like it that way.  It is so much more than just processed food.  Even our seeds are engineered, and our farming methods cause harm.  Did you know that hormones, antibiotics, plastics, and toxins are in our everyday foods?  We eat silly putty in our French fries, yoga mat softeners in our bread, not to mention the known carcinogens that preserve our food but have been banned in every country but ours.  I am overwhelmingly sad that the coloring agents in most all processed foods (from macaroni and cheese to cheese crackers and tortilla chips) is linked to hyperactivity and behavioral problems in our children.

If food were just calories, it would not matter where it came from.  If it had enough energy to sustain us and tasted good, it would be fine.  But science has uncovered that food is not just energy.  Food is information.  It contains instructions that communicate messages to every system in our body.  Food is one of the fundamental tools of healing.  It should not make us sicker.  It should make us healthier.  By making changes to what we eat, we can reverse the epidemic of chronic disease and obesity.  You do not need science to tell you this.  You know from personal experience that you feel better when you eat right.

The secret is to eat real food.  One of the perks of living in the Lowcountry of South Carolina is the amazing agriculture that surrounds us.  There is a farmer not far from you no matter which direction you go.  You most likely even have a neighbor with chickens who sells their egg surplus.  Real eggs without hormones or poisons.


One of the best ways to detox your body is to drink water.  When you give up sodas and sugary drinks, you will be amazed how much more energy you have, how clear your skin is, and all the ways your body changes for good.

It is easier to create habits than it is to break habits.  Crowding out the bad with good is an easy way to implement change and see progress.  If you are going to drink soda, drink water first.  Start your meals with a salad.  Do the work of prepping your fruits and vegetables so they are convenience foods.  Make it just as easy to grab some blueberries or almonds as it is to grab a handful of candy or chips.

Do not let excuses stop you from making changes in your life.  You get to tell your body what to do.  Food is not the boss of you.  Once you make one small change, you will quickly find other small changes you can make.  Enjoy living thinner, having more energy, sleeping better, and feeling healthier.  Fewer aches and pains, plus a better mood are the bonus side effects!  I promise, a carrot will never taste so good as having your knees not hurt.  Water gets better with every sip that you don’t have a headache.  Watermelon surpasses even cheesecake when your pants button and your skin glows.  Shoot, you might even find your like your salt pink and your tea fermented.  Stranger things have happened.

We love fresh strawberries! Breland Farms offers that and more, which is why we love going there a few times each spring when strawberries are in season. Some of the best we’ve ever had.

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