Dear Husband, (During the Coronavirus)

Honey, hey.  You know I love you. I do.

I love when we get to go on dates together and trips, yes, the trips are amazing.  I love the life we’ve built together.  I love our little home.  I love our big family.  Thank you for staying strong and optimistic during the coronavirus.  Thank you for finding ways to make life fun and keep us laughing.  Thanks for being so adaptable and making the most of all the chaos.  You. Are. Amazing.

So don’t take this the wrong way.  Oh. My. Goodness.  You are kinda driving me crazy right now.  Our house is starting to feel like a can of sardines (small house, big family) and well, I just need some space.  Space helps us breathe.


Your Wife

brian on couch

P.S. Dear Neighbors,

If you drive by and see my husband outside.  Mind your business.  Everything is fine.  The kids will be joining him soon.

P.P.S.  And may we never forget the coronavirus toilet paper shortage.  Need tips to get your through?  We got you covered.


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