The Deep Wells

Water is essential to life. If we turn on our tap and no water comes out, I can assure you that at our house, we go into emergency mode.  Not long after we purchased our house nine years ago, our water did stop running.  We had to call a company that specializes in wells to figure out what was wrong with ours.  Thankfully, it was just the pump and an easy replacement.

The average depth of a household well is 100-500 feet, but sometimes you may have to dig as deep as 1000 feet before you hit water. Today we have special tools and equipment that allow us to locate water, dig deep into the earth, and blast through rock. But can you imagine for a moment what is was like for Abraham? When we read in the Old Testament about the wells that Abraham was digging, they were wells that gave beyond his lifetime.  Generations benefited from those wells.  He had to dig them deep and at times his enemies even covered them back up with dirt. His sons had to re-dig some of the wells he had already dug and the water from them was always good.

There is a reason the Bible refers to “salvation” as a well (Isaiah 12:3).  It’s deep in God’s “wells of salvation” we experience the cool water of God’s grace, strength, and joy. It refreshes us and strengthens our hearts.  We overflow with praise and gratitude.

Today, as I spent time in prayer, the Lord reminded me to drink deeply from his living water, from the well of his salvation.  I don’t want to come to the well with just a cup.  I want to come to the well with my entire vessel ready to be filled to overflowing. Life can be hard and aggravating.  There are things everyday that go wrong or cause us issues but supernatural blessings and full life awaits us at the well.

I listened to a podcast recently with Dr. Edith Eva Eger, holocaust survivor, psychologist, and author.  As I listened to this ninety-one year old share the extremely difficult circumstances she endured and share the loving ways she saw God even amidst the worst, I was reminded how important it is to draw from the deep well of salvation. It’s what will sustain through hardships, pain, and grief.

God’s blessing is there for us just like it was for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But we have to experience the presence of God for ourselves.

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