Summer Projects – Sinking Our Intex Pool

Lowcountry summers are crazy humid and crazy hot.  We love having a pool for our kids to play in.  Honestly, they might not get to play outside very much without one.  Our old round intex pool had made it through six summers.  It was very evident that it wouldn’t make it to the end of this summer.  We wanted to go bigger and better (with a deck and rails all around) but we didn’t want this monstrosity that towered over our heads.  Our back door and patio are at ground level.  We shared our wishes with our good friend, David Woods of Grasshill Construction and he was game for helping us figure out how to make it happen.  Y’all, we love it!

#1 question we are asked:

Why didn’t you just do a fiberglass or concrete pool?  The cost.  Sinking the intex pool was a fraction of the cost.  Even when you account for replacing the liner and maintenance, it’s still just a fraction of the cost.

This was a super fun summer project!  We love the way it turned out.



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