Dear Single Ladies,

My husband has been a pastor for years.  Part of pastoring is marital counseling.  Engaged.  Newly Weds.  Marital conflicts.  But there’s a thing or two that I’d like to say to you ladies BEFORE you are on your way to the pastor’s office for marital counseling.

1. Don’t marry a loser.

If your mom and dad doesn’t like him, there’s a good reason. Your special guy needs to be a hard worker. Husbands and fathers are required to do a lot of selfless things and working hard is the basis of it all. Most of all, he needs to love Jesus. I mean REALLY love Jesus. Not saved = Not an option. If he fails even one of these requirements – do not marry him.  Actually, do not even date him.

2. Marriage is forever and ever.

There’ll be days that you don’t feel “in love”. That’s where the commitment comes in. When you say your marriage vows you are committing to love him and honor him for always. Even on the days that you aren’t feeling it. It’s up to you to lead your heart. Feelings are fickle. They can’t be trusted. Our feelings are impacted by our monthly cycles, how well we’ve rested, stress of paying the bills, car troubles, the amount of laundry waiting for us, bad hair days…you see my point? Our feelings are easily impacted by our circumstances. Don’t trust how you feel. Lead your heart. Tell it how to “feel”. Everyday choose to love your guy. Choose to show him kindness.

Happily Married for 22 Years

P.S. Weddings are overrated! Have a modest one and keep the money for the honeymoon!

To celebrate our 22nd anniversary, Brian surprised me with a trip to Paris.  I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time and it did not disappoint!

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