Life Isn’t Perfect But It’s Still Good

There’s quilting folklore where you leave a mistake in the quilt, because life isn’t perfect but it’s still good. Of course, I don’t have to plan for imperfections in my work. My quilting mistakes come quite naturally on their own.

The fact is that when we make a mistake, there is a lesson for us to learn. Mistakes are gifts. They offer us the opportunity to explore an area where perhaps we are lacking, need better knowledge and training, or need to reevaluate our approach. Mistakes give us the opportunity to learn what we need to correct the situation and to put systems in place so that the same mistakes are not on auto-repeat.

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. – George Bernard Shaw

There will always be lessons but the real beauty lies in the fact that we are all given the opportunity to grow and learn.

You know what? I make lots of mistakes in life. I’m going to live, really live, because life isn’t perfect but it’s still good – really good.

Our oldest daughter asked her dad to do a choreographed dance with her at her wedding.  He knew it wouldn’t be perfect.  Dancing isn’t his number 1.  But you know what, he just went for it.  Mistakes, imperfections, and all.  I can promise you he had so much fun.  He created a forever memory on an important day.

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