The Birthday Girl

Our three girls came first followed by three boys.  So for a really long time, everything at our house was pink, dress up, dolls, tea sets…  It was a little girls world.  Three little girls’ world.  Now I pick up legos, cars, minions, magnets… and batteries are FOREVER on my grocery list (everything “boy” needs batteries).  The sister suite is no longer dress up and dolls but nail polish and flat irons.  Our Emrie has lingered between that grown up world with her big sisters and the little kid world with her baby brothers.  She’s been able to enjoy the best of both and dally in whichever suited her most.  I love that she can do that.  I also love these pics her sister (shout out to Katie Trent Photography) took.  It represents Emrie (who is 11 today) perfectly!  It captures the beautiful young lady she is becoming with the whimsy of the little girl (who still catches toads) that she is (although, I know it is fleeting).



DSC_0115 (2)

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

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