Risk or Regret?

Today marks TWO YEARS since I started this journey with essential oils!


It sure doesn’t seem like two years ago that my friend and enroller Spring Esteppe called me up late in the evening and said, “Just get a kit already.”  (I had only been “thinking” about it for 6 months.  She is a patient friend.)  So I did.  Oh Gosh.  I’m so glad I did.  How time flies!

After I received my kit, I fell in love with the oils and was shocked by all the people in my life who were curious about them and wanted to learn more too!  I remember arranging for Spring to travel six+ hours to teach the first class for our area.  I was so nervous and afraid no one would show up.  But did they ever show up!

As I saw what could happen without really trying, my husband and I decided to see what would happen if we did this on purpose.  We made a 24 month commitment.  No matter what, we wouldn’t quit until the 24th month.  If at that point we hated the business, we would give ourselves permission to bail.

Fast forward two years and traveling to teach classes of my own, our team is nearing 1000 (and that is small potatoes in the network marketing world).  I had no idea things would ever go this way.  I was enjoying my family’s health and wellness.  I was happy to earn enough to pay for the oils I wanted each month and maybe buy the groceries.  We can say wholeheartedly after 24 months, WE ARE NOT QUITTING!  Not only are our kids healthy and thriving, not only do we earn enough to pay for the oils we want each month and to buy the groceries, WE ARE DEBT FREE!


I remember early on having a conversation with someone and asking them to make a 24 month commitment like ours.  Her response was, “I don’t have two years!”  I want to ask her today, “Do you still NOT have two years?”

My passion for sharing essential oils and health products has changed our health, our lives, and our finances.  I’m sharing because I want y’all to see that doing what you love, pouring your heart into the lives of others, and sharing your blessings can and WILL change your life. We hit the rank of Gold in November and Platinum/Diamond is just around the corner. This journey has been unbelievable.


If you want to know how to do this for you and your family, message me. This year we want to help as many people as we can achieve what we have. It’s real. It can happen for you too!

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