Guatemala Mission Trip (Emrie’s turn)

Hi there, Emrie here! For those of you that don’t know already, I’m the youngest girl in the Trent Tribe. It’s my turn to now share my experience in Guatemala.

I had a blast on my first plane ride! I loved taking off, it felt so weird. When we arrived in Guatemala City I was surprised at how everything looked. The city was beautiful, busy, and hectic. Everybody was in a hurry to do something. What I found most interesting was the fast food restaurants, they are just like the ones here in America!

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We worked super hard each day we were at the school in Huehue. We painted and painted and painted! I never once got bored or tired. I was constantly reminding myself that I was doing it for the kids and most importantly, God.

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When I first met the kids I thought they were absolutely amazing! First kid I met was a little girl about my age, first thing she did was hug me. She wouldn’t ever let me go anywhere unless she was with me. That made me feel special, so of course I stayed with her.

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While we were at the orphanage we got the privilege to do VBS with the kids each day after their school. Katie, Gracie, Alexis, and I got to dance for the kids. I remember looking around at the kids and seeing all their beautiful faces. I thought to myself, “How can nobody want to love these kids?” Old or young they are all precious in His sight, Jesus loves the children of the world. It’s the truth. Even if they don’t have parents to love them, they have Jesus (and me) and that’s all that matters.

Something I enjoyed each day was having lunch with the kids. All the girls my age wanted me to sit with them, when I did they would try to talk to me and I don’t know Spanish. Minus me not being able to understand them, I really just loved to listen to them speak. I enjoyed every second of every minute I spent with my new friends in the orphanage. I really miss them so much and I can’t wait to go back!

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 In Rhyan’s village we got to hand out invitations to a magic show and also, I got to give kids lollipops. That was fun. Some of kids would run right up to you and take the lollipop, while others were a little bit more hesitant. Walking in the streets was a little strange at first, because everyone was staring at us. We looked different and talked different.  I guess they thought we were kind of strange.  lol  Before the magic show we got to play games with some kids that lived across the street from Rhyan’s church. I think it’s cool that even though we couldn’t verbally understand each other, we were able to still play a game and have fun doing it.

When it came time for the magic show people started coming out of no where. There ended up being a bunch of people! You know what’s amazing? 18 kids got saved and know Jesus now! When we went to church the next day we had a meal afterwards. Everyone loved it! I think the people liked it because they didn’t have to cook and the only thing they had to worry about was stuffing it all in their bellies.

I’m really glad I got to be apart of this Mission Trip and I’m glad that I got to serve Jesus.

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