18 Reasons

We celebrate our 18th anniversary tomorrow!  Tomorrow starts our six week LHC Bible Camp (we’re kicking it off today with some fun water slides)!  Tomorrow Brian and our three girls will leave for a ten day mission trip to Huehuetenango, Guatemala.  They (along with some others from our church) are returning to serve at the orphanage we sponsor there, Fundacion Salvacion through the nonprofit group More than Compassion.  They will also spend time with the Ashcrafts (Rhyan, Lauren, and Ian).  This sweet missionary family has founded a church, Iglesia Bautista La Gracia, in Ciudad Vieja, Guatemala.  They do wonderful wonderful work there and our church has been very blessed to support them.  Lauren grew up in Hampton, SC.   It’s really awesome to see what God is doing through them.  Please pray for safety, health and travel mercies for Brian, Katie, Gracie, Emrie, Cindy, Rodney, Alexis, and Amanda.  I’ll post their pics and share more about their trip.  So, all of that to say that  our anniversary post is a day early or Brian won’t get to read it.  🙂


18. Even when I’m grouchy, he still likes me.

17. He is my “things that go bump in the night” investigator.

16. When he isn’t buckling babies in car seats, he opens my car door.

15. He drives. I don’t have to.

14. He likes to hold my hand while he’s driving.

13. His glass is always half full.

12.  He is always up for an adventure.

11. He paints/builds/moves stuff at my beck and call.

10. He is the resident stir-fry maker.

9. His eyes.

8. He buys me cards and writes me love notes.

7. He works hard to provide for his family.

6. He lives it at home first and preaches it at church second.

5. Laughter, lots of laughter.

4. When life is hard, he doesn’t give up or run away.

3. His dad skills.

2. He is my spider slayer.

1. He is still the one I kiss good night.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Trent!  You’ll always be the one.

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