10 Things about Emrie

1.  Her middle name is Rose after my grandfather Rosevelt. All his friends called him “Rosie”. He passed away when I was 10.


2.  Emrie is an artist.  She loves to draw, color, paint, and craft.  She upcycles every piece of cardboard that she can get her hands on.


3.  She has never had her own room.  She doesn’t mind.  Her thoughts are “why sleep all alone in the dark when you can have sisters nearby?”


4.  She loves Little Debbie’s.  Her fave use to be Fudge Rounds but that has now been replaced with Strawberry Shortcake Rolls.


5.  She does not like watermelon.  Not even a little bit.


6.  She loves soft clothes.  Comfort before fashion.


7.  She carries a sweater to theaters and restaurants.  This girl freezes.


8.  She loves to fish.


9.  She’s great at catching frogs.

photo 1

10.  She likes to grow things.  Pumpkins, watermelons, green beans…  She is going to have a farm someday and let me can all her vegetables for her.

Love 19

Happy Birthday sweet girl!  I can’t believe double digits already!  ❤

photo 4

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