Land that I Love (A Happy 4th)

The Trent Tribe enjoyed all our 4th of July favorites:  Hamburgers, watermelon, cupcakes, swimming, roasting marshmallows, front porch fireworks, sparklers, friends…   We remembered how proud we are to be Americans.  We’re proud to say that we love God and our country.  We never want to take for granted our freedom or those who protect our freedom.


Loved this sparkler tip we found on pinterest.


Reflecting on our love for America reminds me of the urgency to pray for our country and our leaders.  Check out the free prayer guide from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.


4 thoughts on “Land that I Love (A Happy 4th)

    1. The whole xanga switch over really messed it up for me. lol But I’m finally coming around to wordpress. 😉 Thanks for stopping by, friend! I love all the home improvements you guys are making! Y’all have been busy!

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