We Unwrap So Much at Christmas

I wonder if answering the question of “what does Christmas mean to us” takes us further from the truths and the hope we are meant to discover?  Maybe instead we should ask, ”what does Christmas mean for us?”  Understanding what Christmas means for us brings a lot more joy, hope, peace, and especially love. The greatness of this incredible Presence — the arrival of the Messiah is profound.  This changes everything. This is why we want to lead lives that honor God. This is why we want to show kindness to the least of these.  These are the gifts we are meant to unwrap at Christmas.

God is constantly giving to us. He’s giving us His faithfulness, mercy when we’ve dropped the ball, encouragement to hope while we wait, even double portions of honor for our shame and his PEACE.  The biblical definition of peace (shalom) is completeness, soundness, without strife. It’s nothing broken or missing which indicates wholeness and well-being. It also includes the concepts of unity, harmony and reconciliation.  Our bodies, our families, our communities, our nations are desperate for this peace.

Are you embracing this gift of peace? Are you experiencing the wholeness (nothing broken, nothing missing) Jesus has brought to your life? I am experiencing more than I imagined possible. But I know there is MORE for me to enjoy. What part of your life needs more peace? Your body? Mind? Relationships? Finances?

We are the receivers of the peace heaven offers. With a simple prayer, we can ask for what we need trusting that it is His nature to give it.

Lord, grant us peace. 

Casa Jackson Hospital for Malnourished Children is part of the God’s Child Project, which is working to break the chains of poverty through education, housing, and healthcare. Our family is so blessed to be able to offer essential oils to help in caring for the children and the staff at the hospital. Essential oils have been used for centuries to help with various health concerns and issues and have been extremely helpful when it comes to the overall health of children.  It’s one way we choose to unwrap his presence.  Just one way we choose to show kindness to the least of these.

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