More than a Day

Once we discover the Reason of Christmas it pummels our hearts and everything changes. We don’t really give a rip about the gifts or Black Friday. The lights and trees are pretty but they don’t really do it for us either. Don’t get me wrong, we are plenty excited. We are plenty excited about our new understanding of what Christmas really is, what it was meant to be all along.

We don’t have to dig out the decorations, the tree or the stockings. We already have the Christmas Spirit. We’ve contemplated all year the depth, the happy heartache of the season, the giving and the gratitude, its shelf-life is longer than a month. We throw some bling around and dip stuff in chocolate. But really the “party” is just practice.

We take this month and we deck the halls. We hope that when little eyes look around, when WE look around, we all see reminders of truth and hope and joy. We see a world that NEEDS US and a baby that SAVED us. If I feel compelled during this season, let me be compelled further in January, April, and July. May our hearts be reconditioned everyday. May we keep that feeling, that spirit all year. Our need for that tiny baby does not change in October. Our need for the precious gift of joy and salvation born in a manger is just as great in June as it is December 25.

Christmas is more than just a day. We need to unwrap Christmas every day. We need to receive it always. We need to share it continually. We need to get familiar with it and December each year should become practice at celebrating the whole year.

On a recent trip to Guatemala, part of our group was able to teach self defense to kids living in poverty just outside of Antigua. Under the leadership of fifth degree black belt Andi Williams, the group was able to teach the kids several techniques that would help them defend themselves.  What a gift to be able to love, support, and encourage these precious children.  There’s so many opportunities to serve!  Would you like to contribute or even go?  Contact us!

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