That’s Hampton For Ya

We’ve lived in Hampton a few years now and there’s this saying we hear every time something doesn’t go right.   “That’s Hampton for ya.”

Well, there’s definitely been a learning curve to rural living BUT in that learning curve we’ve found another side to Hampton.  We’re aware that there’s all kinds of things that could be better.  But maybe the thing that will help change those things is focusing on what actually is amazing about our town.  We think “this is Hampton for ya!”

Hampton has become special to us because this is our home. It’s where we live and because we want to see it be a successful community. We want to see it a place that people are excited to live in, that the poor are taken care of, that we watch out for one another.

Anything that we want to see changed in our communities has to start with us first.  We have to fill our regions with love.  So tell us, friends, what do you love about your town or city?

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