Written by our newly wed oldest daughter, Katie Kowalewski. Love her thoughts on this mundane task –

Laundry. I love/hate it. I love it because, you know, clean clothes. I hate it because you have to wash, dry, and put all the clothes away. You have no choice but to do nothing but fold/hang each individual piece of clothing. Your hands have to touch every single item. Yes, they’re clean so what’s the big deal? I thought about this the other day when I was folding our clothes. I thought what if because of my attitude towards this laundry, I’m speaking all that negativity onto them? After all, we have the power to speak life or death. Whatever you say or do, you are giving that existence. If I continuously tell myself, I’m a hideous person and I’ll never amount to anything, well, guess what? I’m going to become just that. Tell me why that wouldn’t be the same for our dumb ole clothes?

I decided after that day of doing laundry that I would no longer complain, but instead I would pray and speak blessings over our clothes, especially my husband’s. I pray over his work clothes that when he wears them he’ll be protected, he’ll have a good day, he will be able to see the good in every situation he gets put in, etc. I pray over his regular clothes that God will allow people to see God in him. That when he hugs someone and they touch his shirt, they will feel the love of God. I do the same for myself, and I will do the same for our children.

Check out this cute video with the newlyweds.  It’s part of our southern words series.  What do you say?  Pee Can or Pah Kuhn?

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